Today, Saturday, September 26, 2020

Addressing Negative Core Beliefs Using EFT

Everybody has a core belief system that is about what they believe in and what they do not believe in. These beliefs affect every part of you, your life and also have a huge impact on our loved ones lives as well. But it appears that a lot of people have what are called “bad” or “negative” core beliefs-which may make a person act in a negative light.  For an example, they make think they are worthless or they feel the world is an evil place-which is their honest opinion of how they think it is, however thoughts and feelings like those can ruin relationships with other people in someone's life. Think of negativity as a way to mentally poison your family around you and your own personal life. This is why many people need to control and tear down those negative thoughts and start using a positive outlook on life in order to take it back. The key is to live your own life minus bad feelings or emotions.

Negative feelings or thoughts, along with the rest of your core beliefs develop around the young ages of 1 through 7 years. They color a persons point of view and make effect how they interact within life. So it is key to have positive attitude, so life can run much more smoothly. This is why EFT and core beliefs are used together in order to help provide people a healthy balance.

That's why many people use Emotion Freedom Techniques(otherwise known as EFT) to eliminate these bad feelings and thoughts that live within them.  EFT and core beliefs can take your view of life and give it a complete turn around for the better.

Using EFT and core beliefs are easy enough. You pick your current issue, and then choose your reminder theme. While tapping, repeat that them along with a positive saying. Keep repeating until you say it the equal amount of time that you rated the memory in  level of pain. Keep doing these steps over and over again, until the level of pain(and its associated feelings) reaches zero.

By giving people a fresh new outlook at the world around them by using EFT and core beliefs, it allows their personal relationships to get stronger along with their lives improving a great deal. It is gift for anyone who deals with worrying or issues of any sort.

Using EFT and core beliefs together can work on over coming depression, addictions and many other personal issues that people have. By releasing energy that has been locked up and cannot freely flow. By doing the EFT, you unblock them.

EFT has been said it is an emotional type of acupuncture, that uses no needles can really change your whole life for the better.  These techniques will help you respond to life's situations and train you how to cope through the good and bad. However before you begin these tools, you should check in with your doctor prior to starting EFT.

While using EFT and core beliefs is much like acupuncture, it should still be told to your doctor as all health related treatments they need  be aware of.

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